Sunday, March 30, 2008

One of the best on-screen romance scenes ever!

Off lately, I've been catching a lot, and by lot I mean a LOfuckingOT of television series. I've watched all episodes of Two And A Half Men, How I Met Your Mother, 30 Rock, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Reaper, Chuck... Each of them cool in their own way but one romantic scene stood out distincter than the distinctest. It was just out there and I fell in love while watching it (with whom, I am yet to find out, but I did fall in love just watching this scene).

Chuck is a series about a geek who accidentally downloads the CIA-NSA intersect database onto his brain, two agents (one from each CIA and NSA) are out there to guard this "national property". In the first episode they discover that when triggered with the right visual input his brain gets flashes from the database that tell him more about the visual input. On the less exciting side of his life, Chuck is a nerd who repairs computers/electronics at an outlet store called Buy More. On one such boring day, he meets Lou. Lou makes sandwiches at a deli nearby and Chuck apart from being a nerd and a national secret, is a sandwich geek. That should be enough to enjoy this scene... Oh and the title credits animation with Cake's Short Skirt and Long Jacket playing as title them totally rocks this world.

P.S.: After the above scene ends the head chef says, "He had me at Pastrami..." Makes this the hottest romantic scene ever, doesn't it? What is coolest is they have this whole sandwich chemistry going on between them... Ah, it breaks my heart that she only did a 2 episode appearance in the season (of course owing to storyline and for no other reason).

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Love, Labour and Fruits

The one major difference between God and the Devil is that the Devil is downright and madly in love with his job.

The one reason why the Devil is happier than God is that the Devil is downright and madly in love with his job, which for now we shall call 'his labour' and God is in love with the fruit of His labour, His creations - Us. (That is if we go by what almost all major religions say, 'God loves you!')

And in all His infinite wisdom, God once said what I will now paraphrase: "Love your work not the fruits you receive when you're done."

Oh, oh and before I forget, I have a theme song for this post: