Sunday, November 02, 2008

Lessons we can learn from around us

We have a lot to learn from King Bruce and the fucking spider and stories like that. Actually, we have just one thing to learn from each of those stories like maybe from the ants, on how they keep going on and on and on carrying if I remember correctly, eight times their own weight. Ancient wisdom that has been passed on for years has taught us to live by learning from the animals and insects. I'd usually ask, look where it's got us! But, I am going to change my attitude (I know that is hard to believe) a little and make an attempt to tell similar stories, lessons we can learn from around us.

1. Mosquitoes
blood-filled mosquito
Ah, the noble creatures of blood-sucking nature. They will do anything to suck your blood. They'll keep coming at you again and again despite they know they weigh less than your nail. To test, peel your nail and weigh it on the scales with a mosquito. Make sure you use rather delicate scales. They keep coming at you, hungry as ever, buzzing around you, getting smacked, losing their lives and yet they never learn. Their fat blood-filled selves can be seen clinging onto the walls in the morning, at least the ones that survived your slaughter. Lesson to be learnt: There is always enough blood! If your competitor is stronger, bigger, heavier, there is a good chance you will die but if you don't you're gonna be squished in the morning when you can't carry your own weight.

2. Frogs
Noble, really noble creatures, the frogs. There's a lot that you can learn from them. First and foremost, optimism. No matter how ugly, slimy and green you are and however sure you are that nobody will kiss you, you should keep croaking for a princess. God knows you maybe the Prince, cursed by a ton of bad luck, waiting for the kiss that will transform you into a star. So no matter how ugly, fat, sick, unhygienic you look, you can live your life proudly hopping from one lotus leaf to another in the hope that you'll find a sugardaddy or sugarmommy till one day when you'll just croak. (See, what I did there with the croak pun.) Unfortunately, if you're a toad, we can't help you. So try and be a frog, unleash your inner uglies and stick your tongue out ever so often. Who knows, you might just catch a fly.

Yes, more to come. I hope I keep learning from the many wise (and soon to be extinct) creatures around us so I can educate the rest of you. And no, we're not going to learn anything from the cockroaches. They can't be wise because they're never going to go extinct.

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niyo said...

who is king bruce and what is the fucking spider story?