Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Be very wary else you'll be very weary

Now now, see there are a lot of things one should be wary of. But never be wary of what you can be weary. The problem basically arises when you realise that the two words are actually homonyms. Not that they're words of the same kind and indulge in sexual fantasies, no. It's basically got a lot to do with the fact that homonyms do not have anything to do with the sexual preferences. I'm sure all of you actually know the meaning of homonyms. No, it's not a colloqial way of calling out homosexual nymphs. It's homo-NYMS, and that's it. But the whole motive of me writing this remains that you forget what homonyms really mean. Homonyms are basically HOrMOnal synoNYMS. Like Testerone in men is synonymous to Oestrogen in women. This really shows my biology is terribly weak and now you're actually wary of reading any more of this. But I'm sure I'll continue till the time you're actually weary of reading this. I'm quite sure you still know the real meaning of homonyms. It really means Horticultural Momentary NY (New York) MudfighterS. Ha! You still know the meaning of homonyms. Hollywood Mallu NatYa Madarsas - It's an elite association formed in Hollywood, CA by Mallus following the religion of Islam and are from the any of the basic Indian dance families/schools like BharatNatyam, Kuchipudi, Kathak, Kathakali, etc.

Somehow I have a strange recollection of weird thoughts that tell me that we all have been discussing precisely the wrong meanings of Homonyms all this while. They're just the long form of the colloqially shortened word, 'hymns'. You actually sing homonyms to the lord. But on second and third thoughts I feel homonyms are just homonyms and we should let them be else they'll all form an assemblee and come for us with vengeance and furious anger, then take us to the hangar and dump us in an airplane and make sure we're flying on a different plane and promise us various spiritual planes and soon enough our career graphs, our ECGs will all be plain plain and our bodies found in the next lane.

Is this enough insane?


suniti said...

This is enough ! It really is :P
Now I am just waiting for the guys in white coat to come and escort you to a room with nicely padded walls :D

Shreeji said...

What you were you ON when you wrote this?