Saturday, March 25, 2006


Insanity is the beginning of every reality and sanity the end... and in the middle there's forty two.

If at any times you feel sanity seeping through, please don't hesitate in registering your grievances. Honest attempts are made to avoid patterns, styles and stuctured thoughts. There are things that one sees only from a wonky perspective. There are lives that can only be led from a perspective that is lost. We are trying lead one. Now clap, then tap your feet, then snap your fingers after which there really is nothing much to do, so either comment or go do something that makes sense. If you think you can stand this and still better create it, get in touch. We're always on look-out for insane people who want to rescue themselves from the Nazi factories - The Dwindler's List.

Thank you

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suniti said...

Lovely. We like. Can't say we understand, but we like. We are a bit weird that way. For us understanding something is not very important. We like and that is enough. After all- it all boils down to 42 anyway.