Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Nonsensical Stories, but still Stories - IV

Welcome to the fourth edition of... whatever.

18. Twenty Four Hours
"If you had twenty four hours to live, what would you do?"
"Commit suicide."
"Well, for starters, I'd be hell depressed that I'm gonna die in a day!"

The End.

19. Chicken & curry leaves
Dinner is always watching chicken sizzling in a pan full of curry leaves and some oil. Beyond that dinner will not have any chicken because there are too many bones and curry leaves and if I wanted to fish then I'd have gone fishing and eaten fish!

The End.

20. Rocket Science
Waiting at the bus stop isn't always fun except you meet, "A Rocket Scientist."
And you say, "Really?"
"Yep, really."
"So you work for ISRO?"
"I'm sorry, pardon my ignorance, I don't know any other organisations dealing with rockets. Which one do you work for?"
"I don't work for anyone. I'm just a rocket scientist."
"So you design/build rockets?"
"Not really."
"Then what do you do?"
"Didn't I tell you I am a rocket scientist?!"
"So what is the work a rocket scientist does?"
"Jesus, dude! Give me a break! It's not rocket science to figure out what a rocket scientist does!"

The End.

21. Your Father...

is offended because Your Mother jokes are so popular that they're on the verge of becoming a cliche. He came to me last night complaining, bitching and whining. He was drunk, "Your Mother's not funny!"
I smiled and looked up from my glasses, "Is Your Mother?"
"No, nobody's mother is not funny!"
"Then who is?"
"Your Father!"

The End.

22. Wayfarers

"What is cool?"
"Why not caps or torn jeans?"
"If you wear sunglasses when you're not in sun, is it cool?"
"Depends on what sunglasses you're wearing."
"What if I was wearing sunglasses indoors?"
"Yep, wayfarers. Go for 'em. You'll look cool anywhere, even indoors."

The End.

-- more to come in the fourth edition --


Anonymous said...

uh... I liked how dinner watched over chicken!! I did... and jesus dude it isn't rocket science to figure out what a rocket scientist does!!!
HAH... I like it I say.. :)and I resent having to verify my key typing abilities to a website!! :P

Shreeji said...

CNN is scouting your blog. It isn't rocket science to figure out why are they scouting your blog! :P

Aanchal Singh said...

Rocket science, and wayfarers....that's about it.....i don't know what else i read!