Wednesday, September 03, 2008

My New Rant: STFU, EcoBitches!

Maybe I'm just lazy or maybe I have a point but I think all you ecological preservation bitches should shut up! You can't save the fucking world if it's really plummeting down! You're too small, too insignificant and no despite whichever great man said what strong will and a bunch of sorry ass hypocrites forming a group CAN'T change history.

Global Warming-Schwarming, My Fat Indian Ass! I still don't believe that humans single-handedly farted so much that the CO2 Levels reached to the point of Greenhouse effect! Maybe they naturally were meant to rise as a pattern, stop blinding yourself to other possibilities and arguments! Nothing is a concrete theory, half of it is assumption promoted by political propaganda as well!

Animal Extinction: Wake Up! It's called Evolution! So if a stupid panda goes extinct, IT IS MEANT TO! It's like a bad magazine going out of circulation! You don't cling to bad magazines or watch bad sitcoms so STOP CLINGING ONTO THE ANIMALS! A few million years and the superhuman will put YOU in a cage and come to watch you in the Living History Museum, ACCEPT IT unless of course you go fucking extinct and the cockroaches survive everything and become the next super intelligent beings! If you go extinct, ACCEPT IT, you were the weaker species who caused your own destruction and couldn't survive the living conditions you created for yourself!

Yeah, we may have fucked up the planet but come on it's a human right that you inherited by having what they call "intelligence". Don't waste it!

You really really really want to be scared of something and work for some cause? Work against Religion and God and War! Try to make sure Religion goes extinct! It's not ecological exploitation that will cause human extinction but it sure as hell will be one big-god-ass war! Be scared of yourself, other humans and be scared of the government, be scared of power, be scared of population! Ask people to STOP FUCKING when women are ovulating! There's a difference between procreational and recreational sex! We'll drown in our own flesh and blood if we keep copulating at this rate! But then maybe that just will imply that some of us will become animalistic slaves to the elitists!

P.S.: Don't trust the Chinese government! The people and food and kung fu are nice!

(This is a rant and may be edited at a later stage if something else strikes me when I read this again tomorrow.)

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Anonymous said...

dude!!! this is some rant. killer! :)