Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Postcards from the Super...

Dear Jugal,

Old Jungle Saying, Ghost who walks no write letters, only use talking drums.



Dear Jugal,
Last time it wasn't bad timing, it was me.

Bzzzz, Splat! (& Love)


Dear Jugal,
The princess is in the next castle and she's MINE MINE MINE MINE! Pling!

Taeun Taeun Taeun Taeun Taeun,


Dear Jugal,
No, you can't make babies with me! I'm 3D art!

Deep Heaving Breath,
Lara Croft

P.S.: Stop staring at my tits and concentrate on the game. Even with the cheats on, I don't enjoy being hit so often. I know you've not read anything after my sign-off line.


Dear Jugal,
I am not a superhero! I'm just a figure skater! Stop listening to those 4 white-trash potty-mouth American kids! So next time you're in deep shit, for heaven's sake DO NOT ASK YOURSELF, "What would Brian Boitano do?" Because every time you say that a little seal in the Arctic suffers a horrible death!

Brian Boitano.

P.S.: Why is this letter even here?!


Dear Jugal,

Chuck Norris.


Dear Jugal,
I am your father.

Yours forceibly,
Darth Vader aka Anakin "Papa" Skywalker



Dear Jugal,

I'm sorry Gaia forgot to send you a ring. She just used her Planet Vision to notice your country. You see India wasn't an ethnic cliche in America when I was still on air. Well, we're not saving the world anymore from the rest of mankind so consider this an invitation to come hang out with us for some beers at the island.

The power is yours!

(I'm your hero
Gonna take pollution
Down to zero!)

... and also the planeteers.

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San said...


dear jugal,
thank you.

giggling my ass off.